AC-14 - CENP-F-like
Previous Nomenclature MSA-3, NSp-II
Description Nuclear speckled pattern with striking variability in intensity with the strongest staining in G2 phase and weakest/negative staining in G1. The centromeres are positive only in prometaphase and metaphase, revealing multiple aligned small and faint dots. Prometaphase cells frequently show a weak staining of the nuclear envelope. During anaphase and telophase, some sera demonstrate intense staining in the ring located at the midzone (i.e. mid-body, stem body) where the division of the daughter cells is taking place. The surrounding cytoplasm of the mitotic cells is diffusely stained.
Antigen Association CENP-F
Clinical Relevance
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The majority of sera exhibiting the AC-14 pattern are from patients with a diversity of neoplastic conditions (breast, lung, colon, lymphoma, ovary, brain); paradoxically, the frequency of the AC-14 pattern in patient cohorts with these malignancies is low

The AC-14 pattern is also seen in inflammatory conditions (Crohn’s disease, autoimmune liver disease, SjS, graft-versus-host disease); current information on clinical associations is based mainly on case reports and series of cases

Possible associations only hold if the reactivity to CENP-F is confirmed in an antigen-specific immunoassay; current information on clinical associations is based mainly on case reports and series of cases; specific immunoassays for this autoantibody are currently not commercially available (74–78)

First level information references
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