AC-2 - Nuclear dense fine speckled
Antigen Association DFS70/LEDGF
Disease Association rare in SjS, SSc and SLE
Description Speckled pattern distributed throughout the interphase nucleus with characteristic heterogeneity in the size, brightness and distribution of the speckles. Throughout the interphase nucleus, there are some denser and looser areas of speckles (very characteristic feature). The metaphase plate depicts strong speckled pattern with some coarse speckles standing out.

The pseudo-DFS pattern? Some samples yield a nuclear speckled pattern with similar staining at the mitotic chromatin (metaphase and anaphase), very similar to AC-2 (nuclear dense fine speckled pattern), but do not yield a positive result in immunoassays specific for anti-DFS70 antibodies. How should I report such pattern since it is not exactly the AC-2 pattern and there is no anti-DFS70 reactivity? Is this pattern defined by ICAP?
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